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apple scabFlowering Crab & Hawthorne

Flowering Crab and hawthorn trees are very attractive trees especially when in flower. These trees are used extensively in landscape design and are a focal point for many properties. Apple scab and leaf spot are common disease problems to these trees.

Apple scab and leaf spot are fungal diseases which begin as olive green spots on the leaves and then enlarge and darken. Badly infected trees defoliate by mid-summer. Adverse weather conditions can aggravate the diseases. For control of these problems, we recommend a spray in the spring.

Our flowering crab and hawthorn program consists of sprays and fertilization. These applications should be performed on an annual basis:

1st Application – this is an early spring fungicide spray.
2nd Application – this is a fungicide spray including foliar fertilization
Fall Fertilization – this is to provide essential nutrients and improve health

Proper pruning and thinning of the affected tree, removal of sucker growth, disposing of fallen fruits and diseased leaves are also of substantial help in controlling these diseases.